General Sanitation and Detailed Cleaning

360 Cleaners will propose a cleaning program after your free onsite facility audit. Depending on your traffic and usage, we will recommend a solution that will keep your facility looking its best. Our plan will include recommendations for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning.

For example, daily general sanitation may include the following: cleaning and disinfecting washrooms – wiping down all surface areas to remove harmful bacteria, removing any used laundry, and sweeping and mopping the floors.

Custom Cleaning Programs (Green)

360 Cleaners will work with you to determine the ideal products and equipment required to meet your sanitation goals. During your facility audit, we will seek strategies to minimize your environmental impact, save costs, and improve efficiency.

Trained and Uniformed Staff

Our staff go through a detailed training course which enables them to be well prepared to handle all sanitation requirements.

Easily recognizable uniforms and visible employee cards allow you to identify our friendly and professional staff.

Disinfect Door Knobs, Telephones and Light Switches

The health of your employees is our priority. Everyday our staff will ensure that viruses and bacteria are killed in the workplace by disinfecting the most commonly used areas in your facility. Small things can make a big difference.

Sweeping, Mopping and Waxing Floors

To maximize the life of your floors we will ensure that all debris is removed by sweeping on a daily basis. We also provide daily mopping for a further clean. Floor waxing and grout cleaning routines may be recommended based on the traffic of your building. A detailed floor-cleaning program ensures the safety of your employees.

Vacuuming and Shampooing Carpets

Dirt and sand act like small pieces of glass on your carpet. Traffic on such carpets pushes these pieces through the carpet’s fibres ultimately destroying this surface from the bottom up. With daily vacuuming and spot-removal practices, we can help you optimize the life of your carpets.

Dusting High/Low Surfaces and Electronic Equipment

Dust mites have been linked to allergens and asthma. By breathing in the feces that dust mites leave behind, we are exposed to toxins that can cause or lead to health problems. Our high and low dusting program can cover areas in your facility where dust is usually forgotten. Some may accept the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind;’ however, this is approach is rejected by 360 Cleaners.

Clean and Sanitize Kitchens and Food Service Preparation Areas

The kitchen is the most likely place to harvest harmful bacteria. We disinfect and wipe down all commonly used service areas on a daily basis. Our detailed kitchen cleaning programs optimize the life of your appliances by creating a custom plan based on the usage of your equipment.

Clean and Disinfect Restrooms

To prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria and keep you restroom looking clean and smelling fresh, 360 Cleaners will make sure all surface areas are disinfected and wiped down. Sinks, mirrors and toilets will be cleaned daily, paper products refilled, and garbage emptied. We want you to feel great knowing that your guests will be comfortable using your facilities.

Windows: Interior and Exterior

Grease and oil from our skin can smudge and leave marks on glass making your windows seem dirtier than they are. Overtime, if this grease and oil builds-up it will act as an adhesive that collects dirt and debris. This accumulation will make your windows appear dull. With our daily spot cleaning, we can make sure that fingerprints and any other marks are removed before they have the chance to build-up. We also offer a full interior and exterior window-cleaning service.

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